Custom Work

We have hundreds of patterns but there are thousands of harps! You can have a custom cover just by following these directions: Please remember, we are not trying to make a tight fitting garment, so your tracing will be fine.

You will be making 3 or 4 tracings, each on separate paper. Newspaper taped together works fine, just make sure all seams are completely taped. Lay the harp on the paper in each of the 3 positions shown below, and trace the outline with a pen/marker held perpendicular to the paper but touching the outer edge of the harp. Be sure to note the widest part of the harp, even though it is not the part closest to the paper- such as an extended soundboard or tuning pins. Please mark with an X on the footprint tracing where the column would be. If there is a crown piece of any kind at the top of the column, please send a tracing of the top of the crown.

Lever harps- In order to place the shoulder strap accurately, please mark along the column where the balance point is. The balance point can be found by picking your harp up somewhere near the middle of the column.

Mail the entire paper (do not cut out tracings) to:
M. Stafford
10105 W. Iliff
Lakewood, CO 80227


We are available to discuss any custom work you have in mind. We have made marimba cases, timpani covers, surfboard bags, and snowmobile covers- just to name a few!